Curious about Pre-Schools. Below is one owners story….

My Husband and I have owned a day nursery now for the last 10 years (bought as a going concern) and have a friend who has recently (Well last August) bought a pre school and has gradually turned morning/afternoon sessions into a day nursery.

There are many things that you need to check when buying a business of this type for us the main problems we had where finding out a week after we had taken over that we actually had no planning permission to be running and had the hassle of reapplying (went on for months – all the time we were thinking what have we done?). 

We also had BIG problems with people knocking on the door for money as the previous owner had not paid any of her bills before she scarpered.

The best piece of advice we had when we bought the nursery was – Look round and if you feel you can improve the place then it is the one for you – we looked around and the nursery was such a mess – so much we could do to improve we new straight away it was the place for us!

Yes it is bloody hard work and there are times when we sit back and think why are we doing this – but these thoughts soon go away when we go to work and see all the happy, smiling faces!!