Pizza restaurants are in high demand in the United States food-service industry. A brick oven pizza place has at least one advantage over the major players such as Domino’s and Papa John’s, and that’s your brick oven.

While the thought of a pizza parlor may elicit feelings of nostalgia, the reality is that most people who crave a good pie often don’t want to be limited to eating it in a restaurant. When thinking about how to open a pizza shop, there are many options for bringing your famous recipe to the masses.

It seems that even small towns can support a number of pizza joints, so location may not be as key as your concept. Sure, you’ll want a place with adequate parking and heavy traffic, but if your food is better than that served by an eatery down the street, most customers will make the effort to return. So, once you’ve settled on location, you can focus on all the ways you can make your venture a successful one; add dine-in service, carry-out service, delivery, a bar and you just might have a winning combination.

Pizza, beer and wine food never goes out of style. In addition to pizza, craft beers are the fastest growing segment in the alcohol category.If you have decided that A Brick Oven Pizza Bar is for you the next step is to decide if you want to do a start-up from scratch, a franchise or perhaps by an existing location. You may also want to consider buying an under-performing tavern and adding a brick oven too it. Our team can help you make the choice that’s right for you..